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Gameplay Primer: Part 2 – Getting Into Trouble(makers)

The Trouble With Troublemakers

Troublemakers and the Troublemaker (TM) Phase create a lot of confusion among new players. The fact that the TM phase happens before the Main Phase forces players to think a couple turns ahead, something that is difficult for a player that isn’t polished on the game flow yet. In this part, we’ll go over the whats and whys regarding the TM Phase. Continue reading “Gameplay Primer: Part 2 – Getting Into Trouble(makers)”


Gameplay Primer: Part 1 – Phases

It’s Just A Phase, I Promise!

I figure any good educational resource should have the most basic of basics covered. This series will not only go into the basic phase order and what you can do in each phase, but also explains the “why” behind a few of the confusing parts. This first article is going to just cover basic phase ordering. Continue reading “Gameplay Primer: Part 1 – Phases”

The Learner Deck – Blue/Purp Aggro Budget

Time To Fly, Twilight!

This is a very easy to play aggro deck utilizing AT generation and fast movement.

The Plan

Here’s my outline on my personal motivation and constraints for this deck:

  • Newbie friendly
  • Low budget (Fixed/Common/Uncommon cards only)
  • Aggressive (usually the easiest archetype to play)
  • Includes a variety of card types (makes for good learning)

Continue reading “The Learner Deck – Blue/Purp Aggro Budget”

Deck Archive: An Introduction

So You Want To Build A Deck?

This article will serve as both an introduction to a new section to the site and a primer on the basic process of building a deck. The Deck Archive series will delve into my thought processes as I build wild, crazy, and sometimes horrible decks. I will tag various decks as competitive, casual, or simply theorycrafting in the case of truly silly decks. Continue reading “Deck Archive: An Introduction”

Basic Deck Theory Part 5: Card Value

On Our Way To Value Town!

So you got a general idea on what goes into the different types of decks and I’m sure you’ve played with a few cards by now. One of the most frequent questions asked by new players of all CCGs is “is this card good?” We’ve covered value and what makes cards useful in previous sections, but I want to dive in and really show you why cards can be good or bad. Sometimes it’s pretty cut and dry, sometimes it isn’t. Welcome to Value Town, boys. Continue reading “Basic Deck Theory Part 5: Card Value”

Basic Deck Theory Part 4: Deck Archetypes

Taxonomic Schemes Of
Strategic Paper Stacks

All decks, no matter how unique will have a certain pattern or train of thought that lead to its design. Back in part 1 I covered Aggro and Control decks. These are really just two ends of a spectrum of deck types. Most archetypes are borrowed from the terminology of Magic: The Gathering but since the MLP CCG is so much different, the archetypes are somewhat different. This article will describe deck archetypes and also point out some staples of those archetypes. Continue reading “Basic Deck Theory Part 4: Deck Archetypes”

Basic Deck Theory Part 3: Scoring & Problems

This Is the Part Where We Win

So you’ve chosen your Mane, threw in some entry, and maybe a few fancy utility cards. You’ve got your deck in order and it runs alright. Well if you’re going to play the game correctly, you must learn how to win, right? Scoring is one of the often overlooked aspects of deck building and your problem deck is central to it all. If your deck revolves around solving problems, you must give it the problems it was designed to solve. Continue reading “Basic Deck Theory Part 3: Scoring & Problems”

Basic Deck Theory Part 2: Initial Considerations

Basic Components of Deckbuilding

You should now have a general idea of how CCGs work at a simple level. This part will delve into the My Little Pony CCG specifically. We are still starting broad here, I won’t expect you to have anything more than a basic knowledge of the game. This article will introduce you to the “idea” of a deck. Continue reading “Basic Deck Theory Part 2: Initial Considerations”

Basic Deck Theory Part 1: CCG Basics

This is the start of a series to prime new players on how to build an effective deck. I will start with broad CCG concepts and narrow them down as we progress. I hope to allow new players to answer for themselves the all-important question “Hey, is this deck any good?” Continue reading “Basic Deck Theory Part 1: CCG Basics”

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